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More than a private sauna center or a hotel service

Everything will be prepared at arrival.

  • A private wellness fishing house by the sea with more services that those you'll find in hotels or private sauna centers?
  • With an exclusive "ALL-IN" formula?
  • You don't want to bring anything (just your tooth brush)?
At Sea Nooz, you can start enjoying from the moment you arrive.
The candles will be lit and your favorite beverage (75cl) and snacks will be waiting for you.
Towels, dressing gowns and Nooz-slippers will be ready for you.
The breakfast service are always included in each relaxation package of > 4 hours up to 3 overnight stays.
Nooz can provide everything: all breakfasts, a minibar, a private candlelight dinner, a unique golf cart tour with a picnic basket ... and much more!
Your private sauna center just next to Nieuwpoort, with the best sound & image system, beautiful colors, a lovely fire place, a private sauna, a private jacuzzi AND an ALL-IN formula for beverages and meals.
All this will guarantee a real journey for all of your senses. 
No worries! Everything is already included in the price.
All hygienic products will be provided. 
Your iPod and Blu-ray DVD’s will be ready for a very unique sound & image experience.




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