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Evening Sea

Your private wellness fishing house ALL-IN.

A complete evening of relaxation in your private sauna fishing house by the coast. Dream away in luxurious wellness facilities and with an "ALL IN" formula. No worries because the minibar, the snacks and a bottle of beverage (75cl) are already included!
What is included in your relaxation package?
  • Private wellness fishing house - Your private fishing house for 4 hours with luxurious and timeless wellness facilities.
  • You can choose: 75cl of Prosecco,  75cl unique Nooz wine (red, rosé or white) with a unique jacket or not alcoholic.
  • Welcome service - Everything will be ready: your favorite music, color, with a small snack, so you can start enjoying from the moment you arrive.
  • Your favorite colors - create any color you want in your private space.
  • Nature oasis - 2 private terraces, always exposed to the sunlight and a spacious private garden with sauna patio and infrared sauna.
  • Luxurious - Fireplace, iPAD, high-end sound & image cinema, color atmospheres, flat screen, leather sofa, designer furniture, designer lighting, etc.
  • Mezzanine lounge - A romantic relaxation with your favorite colors and music on a sublime sound system.
  • Private sauna - Sauna 'Finland' with automatic sessions, infrared, colors and a sublime sound quality.
  • Rain shower - Enjoy a warm rain shower at any time of the year
  • Private Jacuzzi - Enjoy an outdoor experience at any time of the year.
  • Wellness package - A dressing gown and Nooz slippers for everyone.
  • Towel package - fresh towels will be waiting for you
  • Hygiene package - Toilet paper, shampoo, Kleenex, hair dryer, etc.
  • Live in Concert - your own concert hall becomes reality.
  • Private Cinema - Your private cinema room.
How long and when?
  • About 4 hours, arrival no earlier than 19 o'clock and departure no later than 23 o'clock.
  • By appointment.
  • Saturday's only when combined with an extraordinary overnight stay (except last minute availability)
  • Would you like to enjoy in the evening for as long as you want? It's possible! Add an extension 'unlimited' or choose a relaxation package with a special overnight stay. 
  • Only possible with last minute availability (SeaNooz is a concept developed to nooz with a special overnight stay so you can nooze without clockwork. We therefore give priority to guests who want to nooz with a special overnight stay. Your reservation can still be cancelled by us when a reservation with a special overnight stay comes in).
  • Would you like to book on time? Book an extraordinary overnight stay at Sea Nooz or book an even more unique location in the middle of the forest (www.nooz.be).
  • Do you want the ideal noozing without an overnight stay? Then opt for a unique and unprecedented experience such as a synchronous and rhythmic duo massage, water and heat experiences, private dining experiences, completely private and without clockwork on our 1.5-hectare domain (www.nooz.be).
All-in: you don't have to bring anything. Nooz will provide everything.
Week days (only school days):
  • 145 euros per person
Saturdays, Sundays and official holidays, Christmas holiday, school holidays, a long weekend or Valentine's period:
  • 168 euros per person
A night at Seanooz is the perfect combination: enjoy our private facilities without any time limits. For this reason, a stay at Seanooz without an overnight stay is only possible as Last Minute.

Would you like to extend this relaxation package at sea?

Private Candlelight Dinner - 55 euros/pp ALLIN (also bottle of wine or non alcoholic, minibar and private service included)
You don't want to leave any more? You don't want to waste time to getting dressed, to drive to a restaurant where you will be surrounded by strangers?  A private dinner with your favorite colors and music on a sublime sound system is more important to you than just "tasting food"?  

A private dinner, prepared in advance : the table will be set, the meal (value € 12), dessert, minibar (see below), 1 bottle of wine or non alcoholic will be in your fridge. Leave the dishes. We will clean up when you are left.

Minibar - 30 euro
12 drinks (water and sparkling water, coke and diet coke, beer, soda) and unlimited use of coffee and tea.
Extra beverages
Would you like extra beverages?
It's possible! Your extra beverages will be ready when you want them.  Your choices: 75cl of Prosecco, 75cl of unique Nooz wine (red, rosé or white) with a unique jacket. 
​Other drinks are also perfectly possible on request.

  • Would you like to enjoy the evening as long as you desire? Add an extension 'unlimited' or choose a relaxation package with a special overnight stay.
  • Relaxation in a way only Nooz offers? http://www.genieten-aan-zee.be/




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